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In classical music, a descending tetrachord (line of four notes) with intervals tone-tone-semitone can be called a Phrygian progression, and forms the basis of the Phrygian mode.

The Phrygian mode is equivalent to the Dorian mode in ancient Greek musicology (due to a misinterpretation of the Latin texts of Boethius, medieval modes were given the wrong Greek names by the early Christian church in the 8th century).

The Phrygian diatonic scale is simply two Phrygian tetrachords separated by a whole tone. Melodies written in the Phrygian scale have a distinctive mood to them, characterised by the minor sound (due to the minor third) and a slightly unexpected lowered second degree. 

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The Life of Wolkenstein..ANDREAS SCHOLL

In the land around the head waters of the Adige River, in the southern range of the Alps, right about the spot where the mist and gloom of the north give way to the sun and cheerful skies of the south, a legend has persisted about a knight named Iron-Hand (in the Ladino language indigenous to the area, “Man de Fyèr.”) Before his birth, his mother was warned: if your son learns to play the harp, he will know neither happiness nor peace....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rachmaninoff—In the Mysterious Silence of the Night

О, долго буду я, в молчаньи ночи тайной,
Коварный лепет твой, улыбку, взор случайный,
Перстам послушную волос густую прядь
Из мыслей изгонять и снова призывать;
Дыша порывисто, один, никем не зримый,
Досады и стыда румянами палимый,
Искать хотя одной загадочной черты

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Extrait d'Actéon de Charpentier par les Talens Lyriques Extrait d'Actéon de Charpentier par les Talens Lyriques© Culturebox Extrait d'Actéon de Charpentier par les Talens Lyriques

Les "Talens Lyriques" dirigés par Christophe Rousset sont au Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne pour un concert le 16 janvier 2010. L'ensemble de musique instrumentale et vocale interprète "Actéon" et "les Arts Florissants".


QUATUOR EBENE : Mozart "Dissonances". EPK

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Magnificat by Carl Philippe Emanuel Bach

Sinfonia en Périgord: extrait du Magnificat de C P E Bach

Au programme de Sinfonia en Périgord, une soirée "Jubilations baroques".
L'occasion d'entendre notamment le Magnificat en Ré Majeur de Carl Philipp Emanuel Bachavec la mezzo-soprano Blandine Stankiewicz et l'orchestre du Parlement de Musique dirigé par Martin Gester

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