Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Great Fugue played by the Diotima Quartet among the patients of a mental hospital

The Great Fugue by Beethoven is one of his greatest achievements, one of the most powerful scores ever written for a string quartet. He composed it at the very end of his life, while he was completely deaf, and desperate.

The music seems first to be very hard and tortured but it countains also a very powerful feeling of joy and liberation. That is why we wanted to film this performance among the patients of a mental institution, Sainte Anne, in Paris.

Directed and edited by Antoine Viviani
Camera Operators - Javier Ruiz Gomez, Yvan Schreck
Sound operators - Philippe Petit, Celine Grangey
Music advisor - Edouard Foure Caul Futy
Providences 2009 All rights reserved

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